The Best Whitening Solution to Keep You Smiling

There’s always a reason to smile, especially with those amazing white teeth.

Developed & Approved by Dentists

What’s in your oral care kit matters. We have the confidence that you are getting what you need with the oral care collection backed by science.

What do we mean when we say backed by science? Klara Smile products were developed, tested and approved by a panel of leading dentists.

The Klara Smile Collection contains toothpaste & whitening strips that removes teeth stains in a non-abrasive way, brings back natural whiteness of teeth and freshens your breath. We’ve got your mouth . . . science has our back!

100% Safe & Clean

Loving coffee but worried about teeth stains? Sensitive Teeth? We’ve got you covered.

Klara Smile oral care collection is made with the health of your body in mind. The collection is thoughtfully formulated with clean and safe ingredients that naturally whiten teeth and provides lasting freshness so you can say bye bye to stain & yellow smile!

Just your natural white and glossy teeth brought back by The Klara Smile Collection.

Proudly Made In Malaysia

We are proud to say that The Klara Smile Collection is made in Malaysia. Created by dentists, used by dentists.
We aim to deliver quality care to all of you. 

I am one of the testers for The Dentist's Toothpaste before Klara Smile launch it. The mint-flavored toothpaste is sooooo refreshing and it makes my teeth feel so clean!

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