The Dentist Toothpaste

Oral care backed by science

minty melon | 120g


The Dentist Toothpaste is a bacteria-fighting & stain-smashing whitening toothpaste that brings back the natural gloss and whiteness of your teeth!

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Vegan &
Cruelty Free


Calcium Carbonate & Bamboo Salt

Helps to safely remove plaque while gently polishing away surface stains. It also helps to strengthen the teeth by supplying it with essential calcium. Whereas for bamboo salt, it contains natural antibacterial component and it can reduce symptoms of gum inflammation and mouth sores.


Prevents tooth decay by making the teeth stronger and more resistant to acid attacks. It also helps with slowing down or stopping the decay process.

Hydrated Silica & Tetrasodium

Silica helps to remove stains from the surface of the teeth and improves shine. And Tetrasodium helps to remove magnesium and calcium from your saliva to prevent tartar from forming.

Clove Oil & Menthol Crystals

Protect your teeth and gums from bacterial attacks and ensure strong teeth and gums.

Make your smile a signature accessory.

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